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Spray and Fuse Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings Spray and Fuse Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings are the specialists for spray and fuse coatings in the Southwest. We're able to do quality, high-volume spray and fuse coating work because we currently have two vacuum furnaces dedicated solely for this process. Benefits include:

  • Spray and Fuse coatings have a metallurgical bond with the base material; the other coating processes are a mechanical bond.
  • Spray and Fuse coatings will take more physical abuse and still maintain its bond to the base material. They are also more resistant to chipping than the other coating processes.
  • Because of the high percentage of Nickel or Cobalt in the Spray and Fuse coatings they will not rust.
  • Spray and Fuse coatings maintain a higher degree of its initial hardness as part temperatures rise.
  • Spray and Fuse coatings will not anneal, they will regain their original hardness when the part temperature returns to ambient.

Larger quantities are achieved through spray and fuse coatings?

One advantage of using the vacuum furnaces for fusing is that it allows the teams at Associated Wear Coatings to run large quantities at once, while still assuring that all of the parts are uniformly heated to the correct fusing temperature.

Did you know?

Spray and Fuse Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings has been a leading provider of spray and fuse coatings services from their inception nearly 27 years ago.

What are some appropriate applications for spray and fuse coatings?

Spray and fuse coatings are widely used on metal parts that experience high levels and long durations of wear combined with high stresses on the coating/substrate. They are also good for reducing shear and impact damage. These alloys generally exhibit good resistance to wear and have been successfully used in the oil industry for sucker rods and in agriculture for plowshares.

Valve Repair – Valve Stems, Flapper Valve Bushings
Pump Repair – Impeller and Case Rings, Bushings, Pump Cases, Impellers, Plungers
PetroChemical – Thermowells, Operating Pistons
Pipeline – Sensor Arms

Materials & Capabilities for Spray and Fuse

Metals - We can cover Monel 400, Inconel 600, Nichrome, and nearly any carbon-steel alloy part.

Coating capability:

Hand Fuse = maximum 100" long, maximum 12" diameter, 1500 pound max.
Vacuum Fuse = 40" long, 30" wide, 25" tall, 500 pounds max.

Typical coating thickness is .025", depending on the material being sprayed and the part geometry thickness of up to 1/8" can be achieved.

Questions regarding scheduling or specialized machines that we have on site? Contact us by phone at (713) 944-3666 during normal business hours. Otherwise, please direct all questions about pricing and quantity for our spray and fuse coatings to our us -

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