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Metalized Spray Coatings

Metalized Spray Coatings

Metalized spray coatings have been around a long time. Does the process still have an advantage over other types of spray coating processes?

  • Metallized spray coatings have the ability to be built up to a greater thickness than the other coating processes.
  • Metallizing was the first type of thermal spray process, developed in Europe around 1910.
  • In an emergency metallizing can be used as a build coat for the Plasma or HVOF spray process when a heavy build up coat is needed and there is not time to remanufacture.
  • Metallized spray coatings are the most economical of all the different spray systems.
  • Metallized spray coatings are considered a "Cold Spray" process, meaning that it does not get the base material over 300 degrees F.

Not the type of metalized spray coatings you were looking for? Associated Wear Coatings performs other types such as Plasma, HVOF, Fuse Coatings and even machining and grinding. Find out more!

What are some of the appropriate industrial applications for metalized spray coatings?

Compressor Repair

  • Piston Ring Grooves
  • Unloader Housings
  • Piston Rod Packing areas
  • Rider Bands

Pump Repair

  • Bearing Journals

Materials & Capabilities for Metalized Spray Coatings

Metals – #2 (420SS), #5 (202SS), 316SS, Aluminum Bronze, Monel, Molybdenum

Coating capacity (OD) maximum length 15', maximum diameter 30", maximum weight 1500 pounds.

Typical coating thickness is .025", depending on the material being sprayed and the part geometry thickness of up to 1/8" can be achieved.

Associated Wear Coatings wants to be your service partner!

We're a small business enterprise that loves to serve the needs of other small business owners. We're capable of doing part runs of up to 30 pieces per scheduled order. We use both types of metalizing systems at our facility; the combustion wire gun, and a twin arc electric metalized spray coating system. Ask us which is better suited to your order!

If you have any specific questions about our order scheduling or the capabilities of our team and facilities, please contact us by phone at (713) 944-3666 during normal business hours. Otherwise, please direct all questions about pricing and quantity for our metalized spray coating services to us at -

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